postering status (2/13/07)

Just wanted to provide a quick update on our postering
efforts over the past few days.

We got additional poster coverage at some of the big
marinas in San Diego and Los Angeles; some coverage at a Seattle
marina; and also in various places across Mexico. People that we
run into in SoCal seem to have heard about
JG by one channel or another — our phone calls, reading the
news/web, or seeing it on TV. For those who are still putting up
posters or wanting to, please do get in contact with me through I am still routing people to areas
that are under-covered.

Thanks are due to Tim Takata, Arun Jagatheesan, Minna Ha and Mike
Blaszczak for helping with posters and Gurrola Alberto for
helping us coordinate in Mexico.

As usual, one can see what we’re doing at:

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