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Search status

Friday, February 16th, 2007

Since January 28, the San Francisco police, the Coast Guard and Jim’s friends and family have conducted an extensive search to find him and his sailboat, Tenacious, off the California coast. I want to summarize the status of that search here, so that the broad volunteer community that’s done so much knows where we stand.

The Coast Guard’s air and surface search covered 132,000 square miles in the days immediately following Jim’s disappearance. This search was thorough: Planes, boats and helicopters covered much of the region repeatedly. Radio broadcast alerts were made for a week, and all marinas and harbors were canvassed repeatedly. It found no trace of Tenacious or Jim.

During the Coast Guard search and in the days that followed it, Jim’s friends and family assembled satellite imagery, collected wind and current data and arranged for more air and surface searches over the ocean and coast from Oregon and into Mexico. We have walked stretches of coastline and have postered marinas with details on the missing boat. The story has drawn attention from around the world.

Based on our knowledge of the boat and weather conditions, we do not believe that Tenacious could have outsailed our search, whether it was under power, adrift, sailing under autopilot, or even sailing at best possible speed. We have covered an enormous area.

In the last several days, the Friends of Jim group has reviewed all the data with Coast Guard officials. The fact is that we have no evidence as to what has happened to Tenacious or to Jim Gray. Neither we nor the Coast Guard can come up with a surface search plan that is likely to find either Tenacious or Jim, given everything that has been done already.

Accordingly, the Friends of Jim group is suspending its active effort to find Tenacious that has been centered here at the blog. For both the Coast Guard and the Friends of Jim, “suspension” means that the active search has been discontinued due to exhausting all present leads and the lack of new information. Of course, should we or the Coast Guard receive any new information, we will investigate it.

Understandably, Jim’s family is determined to continue to seek answers, but they deserve to be able to pursue them privately. The family deeply appreciates everything the Coast Guard and Friends of Jim have done.

Jim’s wife Donna asked me to add this statement of thanks from her on behalf of the family:

On behalf of our entire family, I would like to thank every individual and organization who helped, and is continuing to help, in a long and difficult search. As the search takes on a new direction, I want you to know that your faith, hard work and boundless creativity sustain us during this unbearable time.

Jim is very lucky to have you as friends and colleagues, and we are very lucky and grateful to have your support.

Below, in the previous post to the blog, we have posted recent photos of Jim, photos of Tenacious at anchor and under sail, and an email address where you can send any information that could help us with our search. Coast Guard and San Francisco Police contact numbers are also listed.

  • The e-mail address is
  • The Coast Guard contact number is (415) 399-3547.
  • The San Francisco police department contact number is (415) 553-1071.

Thank you, one and all, for this amazing effort to find our Jim.

Contact information and photos

Friday, February 16th, 2007

Anyone with information about Tenacious or Jim Gray should contact:

  • The San Francisco Police Department at (415) 553-1071.
  • The US Coast Guard at (415) 399-3547.
  • Our search email address,

Jim was last seen on January 28, 2007. Here are several photographs of him and of his 40-foot C&C sailboat, Tenacious, sail number 31869.

Jim Gray

Jim Gray



postering: please post at fuel docks

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

As suggested by Heather Gray, with her thanks.

On Monday I posted my dads poster at the Santa Barbara fuel dock.
Could you please communicate to the volunteer organizers that posting at the fuel docks is particularly helpful for working sailors to see Dad.

Thank you for all your efforts,
Heather Gray

Need Spanish speakers to call Mexican marinas / Necesitamos asistencia para llamar marinas en México

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

[ Vea los comentarios para leer este mensaje en español. Gracias Luis Corral por la traducción ]

There’s still a lot of work left on calling Mexican marinas and yacht clubs to ask them to post our flyers. If you speak Spanish and are willing to help, please see instructions at:

We have a list of marinas that need to be called; the list is probably close to complete, and is prioritized geographically. We also have boilerplate emails/faxes (thanks Maria Nieto-Santisteban and Joan Kruckewitt for translation assistance) to send them once they agree to post our flyers. The page above is on a wiki, so please edit it if you make any progress on calling these places.

I will keep track of the proceedings and post updates as necessary. Current status on phonecalling: 4 called, ~25 to go (including 3 high-priority).

Marina Posters (2/7/07)

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

We’ve made some inroads into Mexico! I believe that Maria is leading the charge there, so I will leave it to her to report on it. In the meantime, there are a few markers on the map representing spanish-language posters in Baja CA.

To facilitate involvement from the public, we have a “real-time” map available for browsing:

Here’s a snapshot:


If you live near an area that has not been assigned/postered by foot, and are willing to help, please post a comment. I have a an electronic package that I can send you which will make posting easy and effective.

Airports to post flyers

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

I sent an email to San Fran Int’l Airport asking if we could post flyers somewhere there that pilots might see, or if we could have them search air traffic control records for small planes that might have flown over the Farallons on 1/28. I also asked if there are smaller airports nearby that might let us post flyers as well. The response I received.  I will contact the GM at SFIO myself and would appreciate it if those who have flyers to get them posted at the other airports. Are their tourest organizations that might have flown guests over the Farallons on 1/28? Could one of those tourists have taken video while in flight?

There is also a private airport in San Carlos several miles south of SFO on Rt. 101. 
I found this connection on-line: (650-591-5857) or
San Carlos Airport Pilots Association -

Also found on-line other area small airports:
Class D towered airports:
Concord/Buchanan Field Airport (KCCR)
Hayward Executive Airport (KHWD)
Livermore Municipal Airport (KLVK)
Moffett Federal Airfield (KNUQ)
Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara County (KPAO)
Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County (KRHV)
San Carlos Airport (KSQL)

Class G non-towered airports:
Half Moon Bay Airport (KHAF)
San Rafael Airport (CA35)
Gnoss Field (KDVO)

Postering West Coast Marinas

Monday, February 5th, 2007

Today, the Harbor Masters Association [1], a trade group
representing 65 marinas up and down the west coast *happened* to
circulate our flyer to all of their marinas. This is especially
encouraging, because this trade group tends to have coastal
marinas as its members. The poster was circulated by one Nick
Pronman (?), Director of Operations at Santa Barbara Harbor. I
have never talked to Nick before and heard this news second-hand
while phone calling another SoCal Marina. I don’t know who or what
persuaded Mr. Pronman to forward our flyer, but that news really
saved the day.

I also had a conversation with Diane Isley. She coincidentally is
harbor master of the marina next-door to my Emeryville apt *and*
the *president* of the Harbor Masters Assoc. She informed me that
there is one *other* major trade association on the west coast
called the Marina Recreation Association [2]. Their members
strongly represent the San Diego and Baja CA areas. I have
sent them an email, hoping that
they too can syndicate our flyer. If anybody has any contacts in
the marina associations, please step forward.

The phone calling itself is time- and energy-consuming but
ultimately productive. I didn’t end up with any helpers today and
could only call about 15 marinas (let’s estimate there are ~120
to call). I think, even with emails, it’s still worth calling
harbor masters. Though some of them will have seen emails,
getting a phone-call may help us get more flyers
posted. Unfortunately, something like 80% of those harbor masters
I spoke with (all around the LA area) were unaware of the
Tenacious or JG. This is in stark contrast to the Bay Area, where
*everybody* knows and is concerned. Based on conversations,
I don’t think the CG is broadcasting about the Tenacious down
there). Occasionally, one of them had read about it in the
newspaper. To call all of the marinas, we’ll need more people.
I’ll continue tomorrow and hope for more help.

Thanks to Harbor Masters Nick Pronman,  Don Wetterstone (who
returned my voice mail to tell me about Nick’s forward) and Diane


On another note, I just heard news from our volunteer Ramu
Sunkara that he has finished postering the key southward areas of
Monterey (including the Aquarium) and Moss Landing (where lots of
fishermen hang out). I also heard (over email )from a harbor
master at Santa Barbara that a lady had put color posters at all the key
locations (though I had not coordinated with said lady). Was that help
from UCSB folks?


Postering SF Bay Vicinity

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

Today, “Berkeley Volunteers” postered all of the key
boating docks in and around the SF Bay. This includes ~50 docks
hosting ~15,000 boats in 9 regions (see MAPs below and
plan at [2] ). The
following is a summary, more detailed reports — to help design
subsequent publicity efforts — will eventually be available at [1].

Big Map

Zoom on SF Bay

Areas Postered in Northen Cal

In the process of our postings, we interacted with many sailors
and harbor masters. The key finding, unanimously, was that
almost everybody in the sailing community is already highly
aware of JG’s disappearance. The coast guard’s hourly announcements/
press coverage is permeating effectively. At first, this was mildly
disappointing (did we waste time?), but put into perspective, it is excellent
news. It means that we are already at the level of awareness that
we were aiming for, and are free to refocus our publicity
efforts. These “customer interviews” were a nice side-effect
of being on the ground.

Other things we observed are that the sailors and harbor masters
are commonly cordial, sympathetic and willing to offer
ideas. This confirms the accounts that experienced sailors are
telling us about the boating community. In
a few cases, we ran into some red tape that delayed or prevented
us from posting flyers, but were mostly able to accomplish our

We are strategizing our next move. There are a lot
of undergoing efforts and possible ideas — retooling our
publicity effort; expanding it to the whole west coast and/or
westwards towards Hawaii; getting the Merchant Marines involved;
spreading awareness to hikers, surfers and anglers — we’re
sorting through and trying to figure out how best to allocate.

Thanks to the following, who spent their Saturday traveling,
cajoling and stapling: Alex Fabrikant, David Sun, Maya Shah, Mehul
Shah, Minghua Chen, Rusty Sears, Shariq Rizvi and Yaping Li.




Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

It is amazing to see the whole community come together in helping to search for Jim. This is the second search in a few months where I witness the power of the Internet being harnessed for the search of a missing person. Having managed hundred of searches for missing people I can truly see how this will change how we search for missing people in the future.

 The ability to redeploy satelites and get satelite imagery for analyzis is something we have often wished we had the ability to do. But we have also said that this technology may have its limits as you are experiencing. The resolution of images, enourmous volumes of data and the inability to see through the clouds is something we have considered as problems.

I would therefore like to suggest that you don’t rely entirely on satelite technology. Good old fashioned groundwork is also required. I would therefore like to come up with some suggestions that this group might be able to do/organize. Some of them you may have thought of, but others might help you come up with new ideas

  •  Work on getting more details about the 7:30pm cell phone connection. Work on getting the phone company to find out what tower this came from. This provided valuable information in the search for James Kim in Oregon couple of months ago. Each cell tower has a limited range so tha might help you define a smaller search area.
  • Try to find people who might have met or seen Jim. Put posters up in all marinas around the greater SF area. Show his boat on the poster as well as picture of Jim. This might provide you with more leads of his whereabouts during the day he went missing.
  • Get in touch with sailing organizations and fishermen in the area. See if they are willing to help you organize search on the sea. Getting boats to sail the coastline south and north from SF might provide clues that are not visible from the air. Remember that you may not be looking for the boat but rather debri from it. When organizing a search like this work with the Coast Guard. See if they are willing to help you create search plans. If not find a retired CG search manager who will. If possible get all those searching to track their search using a GPS, then overlay these on the map to get an idea of how much search coverage you have managed.
  • Follow up on an idea posted earlier about tracking ships in the area. Even though they may not have been in collision with the boat they may have seen it sailing.

Hope this creates some ideas of what can be done to search. Remember that a search for a missing person is always a mistery. A mistery is solved by finding clues. The clues come from finding information about the last position the missing person was in and then clues of what might have happened.

Keep up the spirit and keep searching!

Poster for the marinas

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

The poster that the Cal group did is super:

However, we do need to add that Jim may have been wearing a hunter green hooded sweatshirt and/or a red foul weather jacket.

Also, on Monday I will be talking with SFPD about making their Missing Persons unit the contact people, so we may need to make that change as well. I’ll let you know on Monday – after that, we need to get the poster translated to Spanish, for posting at Mexican marinas.

Thank you –