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press release early news

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

From Mike Ubell:

Paula reports from the Coast Guard press conference that they announced that they will stop their efforts tonight. That is they are giving up as of the end of the day and not resuming the search.

More details will follow when she returns home.


Status on Jim

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Key status as of now:

  • We have personal contact with the Lt Cmdr at the Coast Guard overseeing the search. If we need to get in touch, I can proxy a message.
  • He appreciates the offers, but does not currently recommend additional private planes, etc. He is aware that we have resources and willingness to help, and will call on us if such might be useful.
  • I have put the Google Earth and UCSB people directly in touch with the Coast Guard folks on satellite imagery.
  • If you have other concrete suggestions on how to help, feel free to use this site or me personally to coordinate.
  • We can post news here unless it’s inappropriate for public consumption.