Postering SF Bay Vicinity

Today, “Berkeley Volunteers” postered all of the key
boating docks in and around the SF Bay. This includes ~50 docks
hosting ~15,000 boats in 9 regions (see MAPs below and
plan at [2] ). The
following is a summary, more detailed reports — to help design
subsequent publicity efforts — will eventually be available at [1].

Big Map

Zoom on SF Bay

Areas Postered in Northen Cal

In the process of our postings, we interacted with many sailors
and harbor masters. The key finding, unanimously, was that
almost everybody in the sailing community is already highly
aware of JG’s disappearance. The coast guard’s hourly announcements/
press coverage is permeating effectively. At first, this was mildly
disappointing (did we waste time?), but put into perspective, it is excellent
news. It means that we are already at the level of awareness that
we were aiming for, and are free to refocus our publicity
efforts. These “customer interviews” were a nice side-effect
of being on the ground.

Other things we observed are that the sailors and harbor masters
are commonly cordial, sympathetic and willing to offer
ideas. This confirms the accounts that experienced sailors are
telling us about the boating community. In
a few cases, we ran into some red tape that delayed or prevented
us from posting flyers, but were mostly able to accomplish our

We are strategizing our next move. There are a lot
of undergoing efforts and possible ideas — retooling our
publicity effort; expanding it to the whole west coast and/or
westwards towards Hawaii; getting the Merchant Marines involved;
spreading awareness to hikers, surfers and anglers — we’re
sorting through and trying to figure out how best to allocate.

Thanks to the following, who spent their Saturday traveling,
cajoling and stapling: Alex Fabrikant, David Sun, Maya Shah, Mehul
Shah, Minghua Chen, Rusty Sears, Shariq Rizvi and Yaping Li.



3 Responses to “Postering SF Bay Vicinity”

  1. Joe Hellerstein says:

    Thanks to you all. I’m proud. I’m sure Jim will be too.

  2. Michael Ubell says:

    This is great! Thank you!

    If you are looking for more places to poster, I would suggest a trip up the delta. One possibility that has been suggested is that the boat was hijacked for some reason (for its value, to smuggle drugs into the bay area, etc.) and is stashed somewhere up river. There are many little marinas and waterways in the delta area to hide a boat. If this has happened, maybe someone up there has seen something and a poster will bring them out.


  3. dtliu says:

    OK. We have added this to the list.

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