Finding good examples for multispectral search


In order to test the multispectral search idea, I was wondering if some of you could help out. In order to have the instrument people figure out if there is even a chance of detecting a boat of the size of Tenacious I am wondering if somebody could help in locating some good examples featuring all the conditions listed below:

– Location of a known boat at a known time and GPS coordinates (sailing races that have been featured on GE or Google Maps, Maud Fontenoy recent trip, others….)
– Said location is within the coverage of either Landsat 5/7 or Envisat ( check , <– Internet Explorer only)

– Said Landsat5/7 or Envisat coverage has no cloud on the location of said boat.

As one can see the cloud coverage is pretty important:

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  1. Fred Wood says:

    Sorry, I responded to your earlier post before reading this. I agree these are good ideas and worth pursuing to determine if there is any multispectral value for boat identification that might be derived from cloud obstructed earth observing imagery. (I do not personally have such data.)

    Thanks for your good work.

  2. IgorCarron says:

    Fred, I was not ignoring you.

    What you described is something that is somehow already done. When looking at all these clouds either from satellites or er-2 flights, we should have a way to formalize the fact that there are regions that have been covered but for which, in effect, we do not have information (because of cloud,…)


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